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SellScience®Business Intelligence Software

Stop flying blind. Quit managing on gut feels. Avoid chasing fruitless strategies.

SellScience® contains 100+ pre-built visualizations purpose-built to help SaaS CEOs, CFOs, and revenue leaders quickly find answers and make informed decisions on where to deploy sales and marketing dollars.


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SellScience® Contains:

100+ Pre-built Visualizations

Visualize trends and funnel charts that you'll never get in your CRM.

Compare current performance with past periods or current performance to plan.

Get answers to questions in real-time or perform drill-down analysis into each strategy to quickly understand what's working and what's not performing.

Dollar Impact Indicator

Compare current performance v. plan and current performance v. past performance and quickly see the dollar impact of positive or negative variances from one period to the next.

This enables you and your team to collectively focus on the highest impact initiatives.

Intelligent Chart Picker

No more custom report building, exporting, or manual data manipulation to get good information.

Have a question about your sales and marketing performance? Just type your question topic in a search bar, choose your chart, and get your answer.

Sales and Marketing Data Visualization Examples


Funnel Charts

Visualize performance across all your lead sourcing strategies including: inbound, paid ads, SDR prospecting, events, etc...

Example: Funnel chart displaying qualified leads (L3s) converting into deals in April v. March across all lead sources.

Funnel Chart


Trend Charts

See trending performance of any metric over time by lead source, sales person, SDR...

Example: Trending inbound demo/pricing requests between December and May

Trend Charts

Performance v Plan

Period over Period Comparison

Compare your current performance to your plan.

Example: Performance Summary Dashboard comparing April v. March and displaying Dollar Impact by Deal Count and Deal Size as well as Dollar Impact by Lead Sourcing Strategy/Funnel

Period over Period Performance
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