Data Preparation PACKAGE

Get your data in good shape for consistent reporting.

Struggling with inaccurate CRM data? Frustrated with reporting inconsistencies? Tired of hearing your marketing and sales leader argue about 'the numbers'? 

scaleMatters fixes the root cause of those issues!

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Data Prep Promise

Data Prep Package installation ensures there are...

No distractions to current RevOps team priorities

No interruptions to your  business operations

No changes to your existing reports

Four-part Data Prep Package Installation

Consistently define, capture, calculate, and measure your revenue metrics.

1. Process Mapping

⇒ Select all of your unique revenue acquisition strategies or channels (ex. inbound, paid ads, prospecting, events, upsell etc)

⇒ For each strategy, map the end-to-end process for turning leads into customers, including the teams or people involved

2. Data Dictionary

⇒ Choose your definitions for lead stages, statuses, sources, pipeline opportunity stages, product packages, and pricing

3. Connect Salesforce + scaleMatters

⇒ After installing scaleMatters' Data Prep Package as a Salesforce Managed Package  you can connect your Salesforce instance with scaleMatters' Data Hygiene Software and Revenue Analytics Software.

4. Import Revenue Plan

⇒ This final step is optional but highly recommended.

⇒ Import your plan from Google Sheets or MS Excel so that you can measure actual performance vs. plan in real-time in scaleMatters Revenue Analytics Software.

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Make tedious revenue reporting & analysis part of your past.


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