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About scaleMatters

We're bringing scientific precision to sales and marketing.

Est. 2018


Why We Started scaleMatters

We started scaleMatters to shift the paradigm for tech companies who have historically made damaging decisions based on suspect data supported by animated hand-waving from sales and marketing people.

Our mission is to strip hand-waving of it's influence and equip revenue leaders and executives with the accurate and easily accessible data they need to make great decisions and manage customer acquisition with science-like precision.

Read the Data-FIRST Manifesto

scaleMatters Manifesto - Data-FIRST Customer Acquisition

Founding Team

Scott Stouffer - Founder and CEO - scaleMatters

Scott Stouffer

Founder / CEO

Bruce Olson - Co-Founder and Dev Lead - scaleMatters

Bruce Olson

Co-Founder | Dev Lead

Vinny Poliseno - Co-Founder and RevOps Lead - scaleMatters

Vinny Poliseno

Co-Founder | RevOps Lead

Dan Quirk - Co-Founder and Marketing Lead - scaleMatters

Dan Quirk

Co-Founder | Marketing Lead

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