FOR RevOps, GTM, OR FP&A Analysts

Analyze more. Cobble and cleanse less.

"scaleMatters saves me at least 10 hours a quarter on Board reporting. And it is much easier for the team to login and see how we are progressing during the month vs. ask me to export Salesforce reports and build out formulas."
Alex Leeker
Director of Finance @ ChurnZero

Cut down the analyst queue

Any revenue leader can find answers about revenue performance on their own without submitting a data pull request.

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Marketing Attribution By Channel Strategy

Perform rapid drill-down analysis across your funnel

Pre-calculated metrics let you slice and dice reports by individual, team, region, industry, marketing channel, etc...

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Pipeline Analysis by Individual

Tell C-level data stories

Synthesize your analysis into narrative and charts so C-level leaders have the insights they need to make proactive decisions.

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Analyst Report - Month

Unite marketing & sales leaders around one source of truth

No more arguing over CRM vs. MAP data or petty infighting for attribution. Bring both sides together with unbiased, full-funnel reporting.

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All Funnels Analyzer-1-2-2

Automate recurring reporting

Quickly build Insight Panels for each revenue leader so they always have the most updated reports for ELT or BoD meetings.

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Pipeline Dynamics Panel-1-2

Cleaner Data

Trust that the reports you're using to make decisions actually show legit data.

Faster Answers

Rapidly understand the 'what' and 'why' behind changes in funnel conversion rates.

Better Outcomes

Identify poor performance quicker, make better decisions, and drive efficient growth.

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Make tedious revenue reporting & analysis part of your past.


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