Why scaleMatters?

With countless BI/analytics platforms all promising similar outcomes, determining which one to use can be a daunting task. Discover why B2B SaaS companies choose scaleMatters.


What's different about scaleMatters?

How does scaleMatters compare?

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scaleMatters has given us visibility and control of our funnel, which we just didn't have before.
Mike Learner
Managing Director @ LabWare
The difference

What's different about scaleMatters' revenue intelligence platform?

Data quality & integrity is priority #1.

Other BI/analytics tools assume that your underlying marketing and sales data are good.

In reality, most companies have poor quality data, so we start by getting your data right, FIRST!

There are two ways we make and keep your data accurate:

Hygiene 1-1


Rev Analytics 6


5 elements of context infused in the platform.

Other BI/analytics tools give you tons of data, but it's hard to know what actions to take based on the data.

scaleMatters is built to drive action, not just inspection.

5 elements of context are infused throughout the platform to help you take action proactively and prioritize highest impact issues:

Fast, accessible analytics for all.

Other BI/analytics tools often require a data analyst to own the system, the data model, and create reports for the leadership team.

scaleMatters feels like having a supercharged analyst by your side — anyone can quickly find consistent data answers!

Rev Analytics 5



 Gets your data right, FIRST: Our Data Prep Package and Data Hygiene Software ensure you can have confidence in your reporting.

 Highlights what matters most: With 5 elements of context infused throughout the Revenue Analytics Software, you can be proactive and prioritize fixing highest impact issues.

 Makes finding answers easy: GTM leaders and analysts alike can answer questions, drill-down, or perform root-cause analysis with a few clicks.


Most Enterprise BI Tools...

 Don't address data integrity: They are totally dependent on your underlying data quality. Usually, they are just visualizations of garbage data.

 Overwhelm users: There are tons of data and charts, but it's hard to decipher what's important that requires action and what's noise that should be ignored.

 Aren't actually 'self-serve': Getting the reports and answers you need to manage the business requires a 'stretched-too-thin' analyst almost every time.


Answers questions in real-time: Instead of exporting CRM reports into spreadsheets, create Insight Panels that answer all your common questions and dig deeper in just a couple of clicks.

 Automates analysis: No more waiting until end of month or quarter to retroactively analyze performance. Always know what's working, what's not, and pivot proactively.

 Aligns marketing & sales: Align around shared metrics and goals instead of bickering over data discrepancies between marketing automation and CRM systems.

CRM & Spreadsheets...

 Take too long: Manual data entry and spreadsheet manipulation is error-prone and just takes too long. scaleMatters was founded to solve this very problem. You can't manage like this.

 Don't give you warning signals: By the time you crunch the numbers, it's way too late to course-correct. That's a great way to burn through cash.

 Promote siloed data cultures: Everyone's got their own spreadsheets, their own numbers, and their own analysis that is skewed to make them look better. That's not a team.

scaleMatters answers strategic, full-funnel questions like...

 Which channels are driving revenue and which aren't?

 Which sellers struggle turning meetings into pipeline?

 How has new messaging impacted conversion rates?

 Where in sales process are prospects falling out?

Most forecasting tools only answer bottom-of-funnel questions like...

 How close were we to forecasting our Q3 bookings?

 Which reps do we need to coach to hit their number?

 What are the barriers to closing (insert big deal)?

 Who on the buying committee do we need to win over?


Got questions? We've got answers.