Allocate your marketing dollars wisely.

"I have experienced how much harder start-up life is without good data and analytics. scaleMatters is making analysis, decision-making, and board reporting easier. The investment in scaleMatters is much less than if I tried to do it all in-house, and it pays for itself in improved ROI on marketing & sales spend."
Christine S
Christine Schaefer
Chief Marketing Officer @ CrashPlan

Confidently deploy marketing dollars to drive efficient growth

In just a couple of clicks you can split your funnels and determine full funnel cost-effectiveness by channel.

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All Funnels Analyzer-1-2-2

Eliminate friction anywhere along your revenue process

Pinpoint exactly where leads or opportunities are getting stuck with detailed buyer journey maps.

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Journey Analyzer

Rapidly identify what's working vs. what's not

Pre-calculated metrics let you quickly see what is trending up vs. down and view performance by channel, individual, team, region, etc...

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Marketing Attribution By Channel Strategy

Gather real-time reports without asking an analyst

Pull all your GTM reports together for ELT/BoD meetings in 15-mins. No crunching spreadsheets or sifting through Salesforce or HubSpot reports.

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Pipeline Dynamics Panel-1-2

Cleaner Data

Trust that the reports you're using to make decisions actually show legit data.

Faster Answers

Rapidly understand the 'what' and 'why' behind changes in funnel conversion rates.

Better Outcomes

Identify poor performance quicker, make better decisions, and drive efficient growth.

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Make tedious revenue reporting & analysis part of your past.


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