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Applying Lean Six Sigma Principles to Revenue Operations


Lean Six Sigma is a lot like a Swiss army knife. It provides the tools to handle just about any challenge that a business can throw at you.
The framework can help you tackle anything from sales enablement to goal setting to large-scale organizational issues.

In this episode, special co-host Kairo Dilla, BDR at scaleMatters joins us to talk with Britt Heaps, Sr. Director of Sales Ops at Interos, about the benefits of embracing Lean Six Sigma principles in revenue operations.

We discuss:

  • How Lean Six Sigma helps reduce friction in an organization
  • How to find cohesion between marketing, sales, and customer success
  • How to choose what metrics to follow at each stage of the sales cycle
  • How to stop over-brainstorming and start executing
  • The value RevOps brings to the C-suite
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