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Find the friction anywhere in your Go-to-Market engine with actionable data & insights.


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Trusted by GROWTH stage companies & investors


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Managing Go-to-Market is hard without quality data & insights

You miss plan

(But you can't explain 'why' to the Board)

You have tons of reports

(But nothing jumps out as actionable)

You lack granular visibility

(Can't zero in on what is/isn't working)

You try to improve everything

(Instead of focusing on highest impact initiatives)

You can't afford to fly blind anymore. Capital-efficient growth now trumps growth at all costs!

If you keep winging it...

→ You'll continue to waste GTM dollars
→ You'll have rampant friction in your GTM process
→ You'll continue to look overmatched to your Board

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So, what are your options for Go-to-Market data & insights?

Meet SellScience®

SellScience by scaleMatters

Go-to-Market Intelligence Software for growth stage B2B companies.

Ideal for companies that:
→ Use Salesforce CRM
→ Have 5+ sales people (enough activity data to analyze)
→ Close 5+ new customers per month (enough lead/deal flow to analyze)


We start with data integrity

CRMs don't natively capture and measure every data point you need to manage Go-to-Market. And they definitely don't keep your data clean.

→ Embedded SellScience® Sensors in your tech stack ensure you measure the right granular metrics

→ Background data hygiene monitoring keeps your data clean

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Then we make your data easily accessible

SellScience® is:

Autonomous - Answer questions on your own in seconds - no data requests, no spreadsheet crunching

Contextual - Make better decisions with context - compare performance vs. time, vs. plan, vs. benchmarks, etc...

Holistic - Get a firm grip on growth levers when you understand your full funnel economics in depth


Answer day-to-day operational questions with a couple clicks

→ How is our meeting show rate trending over the last 6 months?

Show Rate Last 6

Pinpoint wasted marketing spend & optimize CAC

→ Where should we deploy or reallocate dollars?

Split and Analyze Your Funnels by Strategy

Understand dollar impact of variances to plan 

→ Do we have a deal size or deal volume issue?

Variance Analyzer

Proactively course correct when you're off plan

→ How are we doing against our plan in Q3?

Plan Data Example

Uncover friction anywhere in your Go-to-Market process

→ Where are customers getting stuck in the journey?

Journey Analyzer

Gather charts for Board/ELT meetings in 20 minutes

→ More time managing. Less time cobbling reports.


Get a grip on pipeline dynamics

→ How is our pipeline changing this quarter?

Pipeline Waterfall

Identify most/least productive reps by activities & outcomes

→ Who is crushing it? Who needs coaching?

% Calls to Meetings Set

Build in-app Insight reports to unify your team around highest impact initiatives

→ What story is all this data telling us?

Insight Report

SellScience® Pricing

Starts at $15k/year

Comparing options for Go-to-Market data & insights

Best Option for Growth Stage

Buy SellScience®

1-2 months time to value

Starts at $15k

per year

✅ Data Infrastructure

✅ Autonomous Intelligence

✅ Contextual Intelligence

✅ Holistic Intelligence

Book 30-min Intro

DIY - CRM & spreadsheets

Unknown time to value


per year

❌ Data Infrastructure

❌ Autonomous Intelligence

❌ Contextual Intelligence

❌ Holistic Intelligence

Enterprise BI

1-2 years time to value


per year (including BI developer)

✅ Data Infrastructure

❌ Autonomous Intelligence

❌ Contextual Intelligence

❌ Holistic Intelligence

Gain control of your growth levers with scaleMatters

Fastest time to value/impact

Cheapest and fastest way to get the answers and insight you need to run Go-to-Market

Empowered revenue leaders

You're no longer dependent on others to give you the reports you need to manage 

Trustworthy data integrity

Built-in data governance means you don't need data teams to have good data

Turn your tech into a strategic asset

Unlock the full potential of your tech stack - to surface insights to manage the business

Don't take our word for it...

Jim H
"We are competing on insights and winning more deals thanks to our GTM data partners at scaleMatters. Love the impact their team is delivering!"
Jim Hite
Chief Revenue Officer @ Late Growth Stage SaaS Company
MF Mishaal
"Every meeting I go into internally, people are like, 'partnering with scaleMatters is the best decision we have made.'"
Mishaal Murawala
VP, Marketing @ Series B Electronics Manufacturer

Onboarding Timeline


Weeks 1-2

Model GTM Data Infrastructure

We embed SellScience® Sensors into your existing tech stack to ensure you capture and measure the right granular metrics (no impact on your existing data, reports, or selling operations)

Weeks 3-4

Model GTM Data Infrastructure

Background data hygiene monitoring begins

sM_RIS_Screens SellScience® GTM Intelligence Software

Team training on SellScience® while data accumulates and implementation is completed

Week 5 (and beyond)

Model GTM Data Infrastructure

Background data hygiene monitoring - ongoing

sM_RIS_Screens SellScience® GTM Intelligence Software

Start customizing dashboards, crafting insight reports, and building your board/ELT meeting decks in 20 minutes!

What's Next?

Just getting started...

You're off to the races. You can add in your plan and start comparing your performance to historical data and benchmark data...


Ready to manage Go-to-Market with better data & insights?


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