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Solving Data Hygiene Issues, Ops Team Building, and Customer Journey Mapping


Data hygiene is a common challenge in many startups. Most organizations aren't aware of the importance of establishing a single source of truth for the whole organization from the beginning.

The truth is if you don’t prioritize it at the outset, you end up playing catch up afterwards.

In this episode, Kelsey Cohen, Senior Revenue Operations Manager at PetDesk, shares how she wrangled all the systems, data, and processes upon joining a new organization and built a team that could handle the ongoing work of maintaining data hygiene.

We discuss:

  • GTM data hygiene challenges in an early stage startup
  • The relationship between marketing ops and RevOps
  • Transitioning from a one-person show to a RevOps leader
  • The benefits of investing in GTM data before scaling rapidly
  • Aligning customer journey mapping with content strategy

Mentioned during the podcast:

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