The Misconception of Being Data-Driven: Why Revenue Leaders are Continually Frustrated With Their Go-to-Market Data


The phrase “data-driven” gets thrown around with many revenue, sales, and marketing leaders. Just because you’re capturing a lot of data, doesn’t mean you’re data-driven. It doesn’t mean you’re using data to power your business decisions.

In this 10-minute episode, scaleMatters CEO and Co-Founder Scott Stouffer reveals the reasons why there’s a large misconception about being data-driven:

  • Why companies are actually performance first and data second (1:33)
  • How putting your data first puts you in position to impact outcomes faster (3:20)
  • The trap of “fail fast mentality” without any rigorous data measurement (7:04)
  • Actionable tips to evolve from falsely data-driven to data-first (9:14)
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