Growth-Stage Strategies for Elevating Your Go-to-Market Data Integrity


The go-to-market data you capture is invaluable to your company’s growth. 

But if it’s not structured in a way that easily identifies ways to optimize your customer acquisition and revenue engine, your growth will be unnecessarily constrained.

scaleMatters CEO and tech founder Scott Stouffer shares tips for growth-stage companies currently overwhelmed by their CRM.

We break down:

  • The issues that arise without a data model and why companies treat data as an afterthought (0:28)
  • The problem of keeping a data model siloed between teams (3:13)
  • Reasons why poor data integrity and hygiene occurs (4:09)
  • How a change in sales/marketing leadership can cause data integrity issues (5:11)
  • Why we need to stop the over-reliance on salespeople to input CRM data (7:11)
  • Where revenue leaders can start to clean up their CRM (10:29)
  • The importance of a business analyst hire for a growth-stage company (12:28)
  • Why there needs to be a “cultural sanctity” around data (14:36)


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