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How Voice of Prospect Informs Marketing, Sales & Product Leaders

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How Voice of Prospect Informs Marketing, Sales and Product Leaders

Once you start capturing what your prospects are saying using a conversation intelligence tool like Gong.io, you’ll want to structure this data so it’s useful for optimizing marketing messaging, sales pitches, and product roadmaps.

If you think of a typical sales call, it usually involves some time for discovery about the prospect’s current situation and their goals. Then, the call incorporates a presentation or demonstration of how a given solution can help solve the prospect’s challenges.

Throughout these calls, there is valuable give and take, questions and answers, and objections and counter-objections that all combine for an absolute gold mine of data (known as Voice of Prospect data).

Categorizing Your Voice of Prospect Data

When you’re systematically capturing Voice of Prospect data, we recommend gathering, organizing, and analyzing your data in following nine categories:

  1. Prospect Current State (What are they currently doing?)
  2. Prospect Goals (Where do they want to get?)
  3. Prospect Challenges (What’s keeping them from getting there?)
  4. Prospect Objections (What about your solution do they object to?)
  5. Prospect Feature Requests (What features do they say would make life easier?)
  6. Prospect Solution Description (How do they talk about your solution?)
  7. Prospect Mentions of Competitors (Who else are they considering?)
  8. Prospect Pricing (How do prospects talk about pricing and budgeting?)
  9. Prospect FAQs (Which are their most commonly asked topics?)

Turning Your VoP Data Into Actionable Insights

When you structure your VoP data, you’ll be able to apply your learnings to marketing, sales, and product development:


  • Gain richer understanding of personas
  • Feed blog or resource production calendar
  • Shorten sales cycle by answering questions on website
  • Increase visitor to lead conversion % with precise messaging
  • Improve ad copy and CTR


  • Refine demos to improve lead-to-opportunity and opportunity-to-deal conversion rate
  • Refine prospecting scripts for SDRs

Product Development

  • Understand competitors who are top of mind for prospects
  • Prioritize product roadmap based on feature requests
  • Fight last customer call syndrome with actual data
  • Test price sensitivity

scaleMatters is focused on surfacing data and insights to improve new customer acquisition, so we are especially interested in mastering the art of capturing and exploiting Voice of Prospect for more informed sales and marketing decisions.

Download our Definitive Guide to Voice of Prospect for more!

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