Tangible Ways RevOps Can Provide Strategic Value to the C-Suite


How can RevOps leaders get a seat at the executive leadership table? Here’s a secret: The revenue operations team often knows more about the tactical ins and outs of growing the company than any other department.

In this episode, Scott Stouffer (CEO and Co-Founder of scaleMatters) explores tangible ways that RevOps leaders can provide such strategic value:

  • Identify friction in the go-to-market engine (1:35)
  • Optimize for product-market message fit (3:25)
  • Capture information about your prospects faster and more accurately (4:58)
  • Improve sales conversations and prospecting scripts (6:36)
  • Refine competitive positioning in an unbiased way (7:44)
  • Determine which sourcing strategies are most effective (9:06)
  • Calling out process breakdowns relatively quickly (10:20)
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