How World-Class Tech Companies Scale Faster With Data


The processes and tools that worked in the seed stage of your company become difficult to manage as you hire more people and service more customers. One critical component that should not be overlooked as your tech company scales: How you handle your data.

In this 10-minute episode, Scott Stouffer, scaleMatters CEO and Co-Founder, explains why data is so important to the growth of your business. Scott reviews:

  • The reasons for product-market message fit issues when scaling (1:19)
  • The difficulties of ensuring high quality data in your CRM when scaling (4:26)
  • The complexities that arise when trying to analyze data when scaling (5:15)
  • How to capture data to refine product-market message fit (8:19)
  • Why investing in revenue operations can save your team headaches down the line (9:21)
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