Data Analyst or RevOps Leader: Who's the First Hire for B2B Startup CEOs?


You’re a growing B2B company with some traction and some initial customers. Should you hire a RevOps leader or a business analyst to help with your go-to-market engine?

Ideally, you’d have enough capital to hire both, but that’s rarely the case.

In this episode, Scott Stouffer, scaleMatters CEO and Co-Founder, reviews the case for hiring a RevOps leader or a business analyst. 

He reviews:

  • The data that CEOs need when they’re growing an early-stage business (1:17)
  • What data is useful for determining what strategies are most effective vs. least effective (2:42)
  • The core tech stack that B2B companies should invest in (6:07)
  • Why RevOps is so popular for managing your tech stack (7:07)
  • The differences between a RevOps leader and a business analyst (10:!2)
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