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Hypergrowth GTM Leaders Should Be Best Friends with RevOps + CS + Product


High-performing GTM leaders in hypergrowth companies make it a priority to cozy up with data, RevOps, CX, and product.


Because they know how critical it is to be data-driven in their decision making and to gain deeper insights into how to bring more value to their customers faster.

In this episode, James Labastida, Chief of Staff, Growth at ClickUp, shares the benefits of finding alignment early across these functions and offers advice on how to achieve it.

We discuss:

  • The culture at a hypergrowth company
  • Why GTM leaders should become best friends with data, RevOps, CS, and product
  • The data infrastructure necessary for a global brand
  • ClickUp’s KPI evaluation process for PLG
  • The scope of the Chief of Staff role
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Each episode, we dissect the innovative tools and data-driven strategies that give forward-thinking leaders an edge in today’s market.

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