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The Case for Hiring a Business Analyst Before a RevOps Leader


You’re the CEO of a startup. Who do you hire first? A business analyst or a head of RevOps?
According to Zak Quintanilla, Business Analyst at Searchspring, the former is the correct answer. After all, before you build a team and focus on the long-term, you’ve got to know what the data is telling you first.

In this episode, we break down the advantages of having a business analyst, the types of projects they work on, and how they lead companies to insights that help propel the business forward.

We discuss:

  • Why a business analyst should be your first hire
  • Why you need to go beyond data into insights to make better decisions
  • Customer acquisition and understanding your ICP
  • Where and how to recruit a business analyst
  • Why you need change controls to ensure sanctity of data
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