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Insights & Analysis

Get the signal. Ignore the noise.

Don't have analysts on your revenue team yet?

Let your revenue leaders focus on coaching, hiring, and managing, and our business analysts will handle data analysis and curate C-level insights using SellScience®.


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Insights Analysis

Focus Your Energy on Highest Impact Initiatives

Dedicated Business Analysts

For most businesses under $50M in annual revenue, data analysis typically falls on busy department heads or doesn't happen at all. Until you hire internal analysts, our analysts fill the gap by turning your sales and marketing data into actionable insights.

Curated In-App Insights

In SellScience®, our analysts perform drill-down forensic analysis and build curated reports containing charts and recommendations that you and your team can review and comment on, building a rich history of your sales and marketing decisions, priorities, and action items.

Monthly KPI Reviews

On a monthly basis, scaleMatters analysts will meet with your leadership team to review high priority insights, progress on previous action items, and discuss opportunities for optimization.

Curated Insights to Guide Your Decisions

Get the rundown on the top stories in your business complete with narrative and data visualizations.

Insights - Get the Top Stories

Discuss Insights via Comment Threads

Dialogue with your analyst and tag team members to engage in the conversation.

Insights - Discuss Insight via Comment Threads

Easily Craft Your Own Insights

Your analysts or team members can build beautiful reports with live data for leadership or board meetings.

Insights - Build Your Own Story

Capture the History of Your Business

A record of your insights, decisions, and action items, all in one place.

Insights - History of Your Business

Take Your Insights Offline

Save as PDF or print in two clicks.

Insights - Print and Read Insights Offline
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