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Insights and Analysis

Deloitte: "Organizations with the strongest cultural orientation to data-driven insights and decision making are twice as likely to significantly exceed business goals."

Instead of operating blindly, our insights will help you and your team to separate signal from noise and stay focused on what matters.


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Insights and Analysis Includes:

Dedicated Business Analysts

Even with all the data in the world, it can still be challenging for CEOs and revenue leaders to make good decisions unless they have time to perform thorough analysis. Our dedicated business analysts fill the gap by pouring over your performance data, providing deep forensic analysis, and recommending opportunities for improvement in process, strategy and execution.

Curated In-App Insight Reports

Inside the Business Intelligence App, our analysts build curated reports containing charts and recommendations that you and your team can review and comment on, building a rich history of your sales and marketing decisions, priorities, and action items.

Monthly KPI Reviews

On a monthly basis, scaleMatters analysts will meet with your leadership team to review high priority insights, progress on previous action items, and discuss opportunities for optimization.

Insights to Drive Rapid Improvement in Four Areas

Product Market Fit

Product/Market Fit

Example: Through analysis of sales conversations, we identified a product positioning mismatch with what our client thought was their ideal customer and what their ideal customer verbalized needing in a product. In the months after enacting the recommended changes, their win rate doubled.

Message Fit

Message Fit

Example: Through analysis of sales conversations, we identified data patterns suggesting that the website messaging our client used to describe the challenges their product solves was far different from the way their actual prospects talk about their challenges. Shortly after implementing the recommended messaging changes, our client's website visitor to lead conversion rate increased and they set a new monthly record for deals won via website leads.



Example: Through a forensic analysis of lead costs and lead conversion rates, we uncovered a massive efficiency difference between SDRs calling paid ad leads v. cold outbound prospecting. Resultant actions lowered top-of-funnel lead generation costs and shifted resources into the more effective strategy.



Example: Through analysis of SDR call volume and call disposition data, we discovered the root cause of declining SDR team productivity was that underperforming SDRs weren't leaving voicemails in order to hit their daily call quotas. After addressing these issues, their lead to meeting set conversion rates increased

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