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Data Visualization Software

Remove the guesswork. Make better decisions.

⇒ Get a complete view of what's working and what isn't at a strategic level

⇒ Find answers to questions in real-time, without hours of spreadsheeting

⇒ Make informed decisions on where to deploy sales and marketing dollars


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BI Software

Unparalleled Visibility and Transparency into Your Go-to-Market Engine


There are three types of data you need to rapidly optimize sales and marketing. SellScience® is the FIRST and ONLY data analytics platform to synthesize all three in one place.

Performance Data

Quickly find answers with real-time trending data.

  • Old Way: Manually export data from web analytics, marketing platform, CRM and build line charts in Sheets or Excel with static data.

  • With SellScience®: Trend any metric in your funnel in just one click. Slice by individual strategy/channel or aggregate performance.
Trend Any Performance Metric

Track who's crushing it and who needs coaching with activity trending by salesperson.

  • Old Way: Combine information from your CRM, sales tools, and calling software into a spreadsheet. Then, build manual charts.

  • With SellScience®: Capture every activity by every SDR or AE. Visualize data by hiring cohort, or region, or business unit.
% Calls to Meetings Set

Balance top of funnel investments with bottom of funnel sales capacity.

  • Old Way: Take a guess at how many SDRs or AEs you need to hit your goal.

  • With SellScience®: Understand sales capacity, activity, and performance by individual, channel, region, cohort, etc...

Meetings Held By Team

Constantly monitor performance from one period to the next.

  • Old Way: Break out the calculator and manually calculate each metric to see if you're on pace to beat the previous period.

  • With SellScience®: You can finally answer this common question with ease: How are we doing so far this month v. last month? Click a couple of buttons to view MoM, QoQ, or YoY performance for your entire funnel. 
Period over Period Funnels - SellScience

Intelligently allocate dollars into your most cost effective strategies.

  • Old Way: Solid marketing attribution data but little visibility into the dynamics of each channel/strategy from top to bottom of funnel.

  • With SellScience®: Compare funnel performance and identify the cost effectiveness of each customer acquisition strategy with side-by-side comparisons.
Funnels Side By Side (1)

Rapidly discern the dollar impact of shortfalls or overperformance.

  • Old Way: Fix everything that's not performing well without prioritization.

  • With SellScience®: Use the Variance Analysis Dashboard to identify whether deal counts or deal sizes are causing shortfalls or driving higher performance for each strategy. Then, prioritize fixing problems or accelerating performance based on highest dollar impact.
Variance Dashboard  Period v Period in SellScience

Uncover process friction points throughout your funnels.

  • Old Way: Gather everyone's input on why a certain strategy is underperforming. Then make a decision based on the highest-paid person's opinion.

  • With SellScience®: Process analyzer facilitates drill-down analysis into your top of funnel or bottom of funnel process flows to reveal where leads or opportunities are getting stuck. Then, you can precisely address root cause issues.
Funnel Process Analyzer in SellScience

Voice of Prospect Data

Voice of Prospect Explained

  • What is Voice of Prospect (VoP) data?

    "Voice of Prospect" data are essentially the words, phrases, questions, reactions, and comments that your prospects say to your salespeople during the sales calls. We take this unstructured conversation data and structure it to inform your marketing messaging, sales pitches, and even product roadmaps.

  • How is VoP data captured?

    Part of our data integrity framework involves installing hundreds of 'trackers' into your account. is the leading conversation intelligence software in the world, that records and transcribes every sales call.

    These trackers are expertly configured to capture the language your prospects use during sales conversations to describe their current state, goals, challenges, objections to your product, comments about your competitors, and more.

  • What if we don't record sales calls?

    Since "Voice of Prospect" actually captures what your prospects say to your salespeople on sales calls, we can't get to this data without recording your team's sales calls.

Intimately understand your prospects.

During sales calls, prospects share a gold mine of information such as what their goals are, what challenges they are facing, and so much more.

With SellScience®, you can visualize how frequently these topics are mentioned by prospects and drill-down by sourcing strategy. For example, you can determine differences in characteristics of prospects from outbound cold calling v. Google Ads v. inbound.

Tracker Presence in SellScience

Improve your win rates v. competitors.

Old Way: Rely on salespeople manually add deal competitors into the CRM.

With SellScience®: Go around sales. Automatically capture the competitors your prospects mention during sales conversations and see how competitive presence impacts win rates.

  • Sharpen your website by differentiating your offering from top competitors.
  • Structure your product demos by highlighting your competitive strengths throughout.
  • Prioritize your product roadmap with features that improve head to head win rates.
Competitor Mentions - Inbound  SellScience

Shorten your sales cycles.

Understand prospect's objections and how they impact your win rates.

Preemptively address common prospect objections on your website and during your sales pitch to reduce sales cycles.

Objections Variance to Win Rate SellScience

Revenue Plan Data

Evaluate your results in proper context.

Revenue or new bookings plans provide context against which to evaluate outcomes.

It is imperative that your plan has sufficient detail such that the measured outcomes point management teams towards specific actions that can improve future outcomes.

Plan Data Example
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