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Data Integrity Framework

According to, poor quality data costs the average business around 30% of their revenue each year.

To make good decisions, you need good data to inform you. That's why the first thing we focus on with SaaS companies is configuring your technology environment so you can capture great data. We then measure all of your sales and marketing activities and processes from every lead source --- from the time a prospect first interacts with you until they close as a new customer.


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Our Data Integrity Framework Includes:

Process and Data Model

Our process and data model enables accurate capturing and precise measurement of every volume, conversion, and duration metric across every lead sourcing strategy you employ.

This includes inbound, paid ads, events, prospecting, channel, and more! Everything is measurable.

3rd Party Software

We configure our data model inside the top sales and marketing software platforms in the world (according to G2).

This includes CRM software, marketing automation software, sales acceleration software, conversation intelligence software, proposal software, and more.

Expert Tech Stack Administrators

Our dedicated experts architect your entire sales and marketing environment to be precisely measurable and then relentlessly maintain your data integrity.

This allows your revenue leaders to manage, sales people to close, and marketers to build brand and generate leads without the burden of administering technology.

6-Step Process for Getting Your Data Right and Maintaining Data Integrity

Map Current Strategies

1. Model Current Strategies


Model of all your current processes by lead sourcing strategy (ex. inbound, paid ads, prospecting, events, etc).

Align on all lead and opportunity definitions, lead routing rules and assignments.

Normalize Data Model

2. Map Data Model


Identify all processes, business rules, data sources, integrations, custom fields, automations and reports currently being used.

Install 200+ custom fields and automations so we can precisely measure each step in your process of turning leads into customers. This includes capturing every conversion point and the duration between steps.


Configure Tools

3. Configure 3rd Party Tools


We'll deploy or retrofit your CRM, marketing automation platform, sales acceleration software, conversation intelligence software, proposal software and configure any other tools that pass data into your systems.

After installing the data model inside your sales and marketing technology stack, we'll integrate all your tools and rigorously test to ensure all data flows are working as expected.


Cleanse Existing Data

4. Cleanse Existing Data


Most sales and marketing technology environments are full of incomplete, duplicate, or conflicting records.

We end this madness by cleaning your data, purging duplicates, enriching records, and repairing all your existing data.

Train Users

5. Train Users


Before launching any changes, our tech stack administrators provide holistic training to end user SDRs, sales executives, and marketing professionals.

We ensure that everyone fully understands all the new processes, fields, definitions, and rules that were installed to produce accurate performance data.

After initial group training, video documentation and in-app guidance are provided along with 1:1 training for new team members.

Ongoing Administration

6. Ongoing Data Integrity


Daily cross-checking systems to ensure incoming records are properly tagged.

Assisting with data uploads so imported records are properly tagged.

Throttling in cold prospects so SDRs aren't crippled by too many overdue tasks.

Creating "Clean Your Room" dashboards alerting end users to outdated records.

Surfacing end user non-adherance issues that threaten data integrity.

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