5 Principles of World-Class Go-to-Market Leadership


Modern revenue leaders have a lot to keep track of across product, marketing, sales, and service functions.

However, there are five specific principles of go-to-market leadership that demand the most attention in order to ensure that your revenue engine is optimized:

  • Motivating
  • Planning
  • Learning Your Customers
  • Focusing on What Matters
  • Hiring

Brian Froehling, Executive Vice President, Head of Global Sales at Brightcove, shares his insights on the five principles all world-class go-to-market leaders need to master.

We discuss:

  • How to avoid demotivating sales teams with unrealistic quotas
  • Building revenue plans that match your go-to-market process
  • Gaining a deep understanding of customer problems and desired outcomes
  • Focusing the GTM team on what matters
  • One interview question that will drastically improve your sales hire success rate

Resources mentioned during the podcast:

  • Who by Geoff Smart
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