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Definitive Guide to Voice of Prospect

Unlock the secrets for turning sales conversations into powerful go-to-market insights that will refine your:

⇒ Product positioning/roadmap
⇒ Website/marketing messaging
⇒ Sales pitch/demo

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WHY Voice of Prospect Data?

"Today, nearly every intro sales meeting, demo, and proposal call takes place on Zoom, WebEx, or Go-to-Meeting, giving you the ability to record those conversations so that everything your prospects say can be captured, structured, and analyzed."

Dan Quirk, Co-Founder & Head of Marketing, scaleMatters

Learn why Voice of Prospect data beats persona interviews and other old school methods for capturing customer feedback.

Fit Study - scaleMatters Full Funnel Services

Discover how to use Gong to capture and extract valuable data on your prospects and competitors.


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Transform Your Go-to-Market Engine with Voice of Prospect Data

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