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Go-to-Market Data Integrity Guide

Learn how to create a high quality data environment that ensures great strategic decision-making in sales and marketing.

Go to Market Data Integrity Guide

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Why care about data integrity?

The quality of your data can help propel your revenue, sales, and marketing teams forward by using accurate data for critical decision-making.

Tech companies with 50-500 employees use up to 150 business applications, on average.

It's difficult to prioritize leads with an overwhelming amount of application notifications, And without a properly configured sales enablement tool, hot prospects can fall through the pipeline.

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The average business loses up to 30 percent of its annual revenue due to poor data quality.

Data integrity problems can significantly negatively impact revenue. Your ability to grow can be hindered by data inconsistencies, missing data, duplicate data or conflicting data.

This guide covers tactical ways for revenue leaders to enforce data quality in your sales and marketing teams.

Go-to-Market Data Integrity Guide

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Learn how to generate revenue more efficiently with the right data model.

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