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Strategic CFO's Guide to Customer Unit Economics

Learn why LTV/CAC is a Misleading Metric for SaaS/Subscription Models and Should be Replaced with Customer NPV.

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"The inconsistencies in the way companies measure LTV/CAC and its oversimplification in considering the time value of money and cost of capital render it essentially useless in real-life practice."

Scott Stouffer, CEO & Founder, scaleMatters

To truly understand the unit economics of a customer you should perform a net present value (NPV) analysis.

This essentially discounts future cash flows by the time value of money in order to calculate a present value of those future cash flows.

Fairest SaaS Metric - Replace LTVCAC with Customer NPV

Customer Payment Frequency Matters!

This Ebook will show the difference in Customer NPV based on your payment frequency terms with your customers.

As expected, the more revenue you can collect upfront, the more valuable a customer is because deferred payments are depressed by the compounding effect of expected returns.

Payment Terms - Customer NPV Calculator

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Customer NPV paints the most accurate picture of your business model quality. Learn Why...

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