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Book 30-min Intro Call
RevOps-as-a-service for SERIES A ComPanies

Turn your tech & data into a growth accelerator instead of a liability.

→ Make your sellers, marketers & CSMs more productive
→ Make your executives better decision makers

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Trusted by early stage companies & investors

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You raised Series A. Here's what you've likely experienced so far...

A sales leader or junior admin configured your CRM.

A marketing leader separately bought marketing automation software.

The CEO and finance team have been using spreadsheets for reporting and planning.

When it comes to performance reporting, it's difficult to put your finger on what’s working and what’s not because of data siloes and dirty data.

You’re trying to bring in a dedicated RevOps person to magically fix it all.

You're shocked to learn that true experts cost $200k or more and they're hard to find. Most of the candidates you've interviewed talk a big game but are light on experience.

You can't afford to make the wrong hire...

What do you do?

Underlying day-to-day friction...

→ Hard to put your finger on what's working or what's not

→ BoD prep consumes multiple days each month

→ Data is a complete mess -- not worth analyzing

→ Senior leaders still cleansing/crunching data

→ Inconsistent sales follow up processes

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Unless you find true RevOps experts to help...

→ Amateurs will keep cobbling together your tech

→ Tech will frustrate sellers, marketers, CSMs

→ You'll fly blind without data to guide decisions

→ Your leadership team will look foolish to your Board

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So, what are your options for solving?

→ Build entire RevOps team inhouse

→ Outsource to RevOps-as-a-Service partner

→ Hire inhouse person AND RevOps-as-a-Service partner

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Don't settle for quasi RevOps

RevOps is NOT just an admin who:

❌ Manages your CRM data
❌ Puts out fires for your sales team
❌ Responds to ad hoc report requests

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You need


✅ Requires 5+ unique skill sets.

✅ Foundational RevOps - deploys tech that enables and automates the jobs of sellers, marketers, and customer success managers.

✅ Strategic RevOps - surfaces data and insights to help executive teams make great decisions.

RevOps DONE RIGHT 2022

scaleMatters delivers RevOps DONE RIGHT™



We call it

RevOps services & software for early stage B2B companies.

RevOps Team

→ RevOps architects (8+ years exp.)
→ RevOps admins (5+ years exp.)
→ Data Ops analysts (5+ years exp.)
→ Enablement specialists (5+ years exp.)
→ GTM business analysts (5+ years exp.)

RevOps Team

Tech Infrastructure

→ GTM process strategy/design
→ Systems architecture & integrations
→ Ongoing training, enablement, support

tiersAsset 3

Data Infrastructure

→ Embed SellScience® Sensors in your tech stack
→ Capture & measure accurate data
→ Background data hygiene monitoring


SellScience® Revenue Intelligence Software

→ Autonomously find answers with out-of-the-box reports, visualizations & dashboards

→ Contextually analyze GTM performance vs. time, vs. plan, vs. benchmarks

→ Holistically understand the dynamics of your end-to-end GTM process in unrivaled detail


RevOps-in-a-Box Pricing

Starts at $50k/year


vs. solo RevOps person


vs. inhouse RevOps team

Comparing Options for Building RevOps

Best Option for Series A

Buy RevOps-in-a-Box

3-4 months to onboard/impact

Starts at $50k

per year

                  ✅ Right People

                  ✅ Right Systems

                  ✅ Right Data

                  ✅ Right Decisions

Book 30-min Intro

Hire Solo RevOps Person

6+ months to hire/onboard


per year

                  ❌ Right People

                  ✅ Right Systems

                  ❌ Right Data

                  ❌ Right Decisions

Build Full Inhouse RevOps Team

3-5 years hire/onboard


per year

                  ✅ Right People

                  ✅ Right Systems

                  ✅ Right Data

                  ✅ Right Decisions

Whats the Best Way to Build RevOps


Insights from The Data Room PODCAST

What's the Best Way to Build RevOps?

There are 5 factors that you should consider when choosing the best way to build RevOps for your company.

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Punch above your weight class with scaleMatters

Pricing that's (almost) too good to be true

RevOps-as-a-Service PLUS Revenue Intelligence Software included? Yes. All for less than a RevOps FTE.

Fastest time to value/impact

Time is of the essence. Fast-track your RevOps foundation to support your GTM teams in ~3 months.

Multi-disciplinary RevOps expertise

Guaranteed expert architects, admins, analysts, etc...Get the right foundation you need without any hiring blunders.

Turn your tech into a strategic asset

Unlock the full potential of your tech stack, configured to surface the insights you need to manage your business.

Don't take our word for it...

Christine S
"I approached scaleMatters to make sure we build our sales & marketing infrastructure and data right from the beginning. It's making analysis, decision-making, and board reporting easier."
Christine Schaefer
VP, Revenue @ Series A Cybersecurity Company
Sadaf AN
"scaleMatters removes the guessing game of where things are falling through the cracks and points us in the direction of what needs to be fixed using data."
Sadaf Atashbarghi-Nehr
VP, Marketing @ Series A Software Company


YoY recurring revenue growth followed by $11M Series A fundraise


Improvement in CAC in 9 months followed by 2X bookings

Value Timeline

Go Live

Months 1-2

PE Backed Companies RevOps Team

Meet your dedicated RevOps experts

tiersAsset 3 Tech Infrastructure

GTM process design/modeling
Tech stack configuration


Model Data Infrastructure

Embed SellScience® Sensors into your existing tech stack (no impact on your existing data, reports, or selling operations)

Months 3-4

tiersAsset 3 Tech Infrastructure

Ongoing RevOps admin support and user training
Normalize historical data

Model Data Infrastructure

Background data hygiene monitoring begins

sM_RIS_Screens SellScience® Revenue Intelligence Software

Begin using SellScience® to track performance while GTM activity increases and data accumulates

Months 5-6 (and beyond)

tiersAsset 3 Tech Infrastructure

Ongoing RevOps admin support and user training

Model Data Infrastructure

Background data hygiene monitoring - ongoing

sM_RIS_Screens SellScience® Revenue Intelligence Software

Start managing with more precision with sufficient historical data, plan data, and benchmark data

What's Next?

Just getting started...

By month 6, you're running a more effective and efficient GTM engine guided by accurate data and actionable insights.


Ready to make RevOps your unfair Go-to-Market advantage?


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